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Company Officers: Your Questions Answered

Company Officers: Your Questions Answered

We answer your most frequently asked questions when it comes to company directors and secretaries

Not sure how many directors your company needs? Do you need a company secretary? We don’t want uncertainty around the officers your company requires to put you off starting your new business, so we’ve collated all the FAQs we receive on this subject.

How many directors does a private limited company require?

A private limited company must have a minimum of one director who is an individual person of at least 16 years of age.

How many directors does a public limited company require?

A PLC requires a minimum of two directors. At least one of these directors must be an individual person who is 16 or older. A PLC must also have a secretary.

Do I need a secretary?

Private companies are not legally required to have a secretary although many choose to have one. Public companies must have a secretary.

Can anyone be a director?

There are some restrictions on who can be a company director:

  • You must be at least 16 years old
  • You cannot have already been disqualified from acting as a company director unless the court has granted special information
  • You must not be an undischarged bankrupt unless you have received permission from court

I’m a director – do I have to declare my home address?

As a director, you are legally obligated to share your private home address with Companies House. However, you can prevent this appearing on the public register by providing a service address. If providing your home address puts you at risk, you can also tell Companies House to remove it from the public register.

What responsibilities does a company director have?

Company directors are legally responsible for ensuring their company documents are prepared and filed with Companies House, such as the Confirmation Statement and Accounts. From time to time, other documents detailing things such as changes in details and addresses may also need to be filed.

Can a non-UK resident be a company director?

Yes, company directors do not have to reside in the UK. However, it can be harder to open a business bank account in cases where the director is not based in the UK and they may be required to visit the country in order to do so. 

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