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10 Ways To Deal With A Heavy Workload

10 Ways To Deal With A Heavy Workload

When you form a company, you might find your workload increases significantly, here are some tips for dealing with this

Whilst many start a business with the intention of creating a better work/life balance for themselves, it can take a lot of hard work to get into a position where your new company is allowing you to live the lifestyle you’re aiming for. If you’re struggling with the hard work that comes with starting and growing a business, here are 10 ways to deal with a heavy workload.

Assess the situation

It can be really daunting to be faced with a huge workload and the feeling that a million things need doing at once. The key is to first prioritise, then get organised.

Putting things down in writing can really help you see which tasks are the most important. Try to sort them by order of importance.  

Create a to do list

After assessing the situation, a clear picture should emerge as to what needs dealing with immediately and what can be put on the back burner for a while. From this, create a to do list to help you focus on what needs to be done.

Stick to the plan

It’s easy to get distracted by upcoming tasks, so try to stick to the schedule you have put together and carry out each item on your to do list in order.

Take one step at a time

Confront each task separately and ensure it is completed before you move onto the next one. This will keep you focused and ensure you have a list of completed tasks, rather than a list of half started but then forgotten tasks.

Deal with the neglected tasks regularly

When starting a business, there will naturally be tasks you enjoy doing less than others, but unfortunately, these are sometimes tasks that are essential to the running of the business. Whether you make the decision to do these neglected activities yourself or you outsource them, make sure you’re getting them dealt with before they become bigger or harder to deal with.

Set realistic deadlines

Allocate a realistic timescale to each task to ensure you stick to it. Your list could easily get out of control if you ignore it.

Iron out distractions

Try to isolate yourself from all possible distractions to minimise the risk that your focus will wander off elsewhere. For example, you may choose to keep your phone in another room or you may choose to only access your emails at a certain time of day.


Organisation is often the key to efficiency. Working in an organised manner tends to produce better results.

Get help

If you can get some help, do not hesitate to ask. That little helping hand could help you get back to where you should be and make the entire process a lot less daunting and more achievable.

Deal with the unexpected

Be prepared for your day to be interrupted by new tasks or external requests. If urgent, deal with them, if not, add them to your list to be completed at a later date.

We hope these tips will help you better manage your workload.