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What Restrictions Are Placed On Company Names?

What Restrictions Are Placed On Company Names?

Depending on the type of company you register, e.g. private limited or public limited, there will be certain restrictions

When forming a company, you will need to choose a company name that meets the Companies House restrictions.

Depending on your company type, you will need to include certain letters at the end of your company name:

  • Private limited company: LTD
  • Public limited company: PLC
  • Limited liability partnership: LLP

Welsh companies may use the Welsh equivalents and companies are welcome to write the abbreviations out in full, e.g. Company Name Limited as opposed to Company Name LTD.

Company names must also:

  • Not include signs, symbols or punctuation which are not permitted
  • Not include sensitive words or expressions unless permission has been obtained from the Secretary of State
  • Not be identical or similar to an existing company name
  • Not be offensive
  • Not imply a link with the government or other public sector bodies

If you’re struggling to choose a name for your new company, we’ve put together a guide on things to consider when choosing a company name.

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