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Can Companies House Reject My Company Name?

Oct 18, 2017

Your company name can be the deciding factor in whether your company formation application is accepted or rejected by Companies House

Unfortunately, Companies House does not accept every application to form a company it receives. There are multiple reasons why your application may be rejected and these can often be avoided. Choosing the right company name can help ensure your application is accepted with no hitches.

Here are some reasons your name may be rejected:

Name already registered

Your chosen name may be too similar to an existing company name which is prohibited to avoid any confusion. It’s extremely rare, but occasionally, two people may try to register the same name at the same time.

If this happens: simply change the name and resubmit your application

Name contains sensitive words

Certain words, such as trust or British, are deemed sensitive and restricted for use in company names. Companies House has a list of sensitive words. This is to ensure that company names do not mislead or harm the public.

If this happens: change the name and resubmit your application, or provide supporting data to justify the use of the sensitive word

Name is deemed offensive

Company names cannot contain words or phrases that may cause offense.

If this happens: resubmit your application with an inoffensive name

Name contains invisible words, making it too similar to an existing company name

A number of words are considered to be invisible by Companies House. If your company name contains an invisible word, it will not be taken into account when being compared with existing names for similarity.

If this happens: resubmit your application with a name that is different to those already in existence

Not sure on a new name? We have some tips

Other reasons your company formation application may be rejected:

  • Director age restrictions
  • Share structure
  • Incomplete application
  • Sole director is a company, not a person

Here at @UKPLC Company Registrations, we’ll let you know if your application is rejected and we let you resubmit free of charge 


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