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How to determine your target market

Mar 25, 2014

It is essential for any company to determine who their target market is. A better understanding of your customers generally means a better business and business growth. In order to understand who your customers are, you will have to look at a few key points.

  •  What are you selling?. It is important to understand your product from a customer’s perspective. For example, does it solve a problem and more importantly do customers know they need your product? A quick search using Google Keyword tool will show you the level of interest for your selected phrase or keyword.
  • Who do you want to sell to? You might have to narrow your market down in the first place to your “ideal” customer if you sell the kind of product that could suit a large audience.
  • Why should they buy from you rather than from the competition? Understanding what you offer more than your competitors will help you determine your Unique selling Points (USP).

Now you have established who your ideal customers are (the ones who not only need your products but are also interested in it) you have defined your target market.  Now is time to focus on it and research it.

  • Focus on your target market. There is no need to try to reach everyone as your efforts will be best utilised focusing on the customers who are the most likely to buy from you.
  • Look at statistics and previously made research to understand your market better.
  • Do your own research. Talk to potential customers directly and collate any additional information you get from them. Any tips such as things they would like but other businesses don’t offer could be vital to the success of your business. Ensure you put them all to good use and cater for their needs.
  • Test the market. It is usually easier and cheaper to test your product on a small proportion of the market. It should enable you to adjust your product and price whilst looking at your customers’ behaviour. Don’t neglect social media and feedback forms. Who better than your existing customers and followers to give you feedback?


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