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How To Incorporate A Scottish Company

Nov 22, 2017

Are there differences between the incorporation process in Scotland and England?

To form a Scottish company, your company will need to have a registered office address in Scotland. A company registered in Scotland cannot have an English or Welsh address, nor can it change its registered office address to an English or Welsh one later down the line.

As with starting any type of company in the UK, you will need a company name, address, at least one director and share capital and shareholder details to form a Scottish company. You can choose to do this online or by post.

If you want to form a Scottish company with @UKPLC Company Registrations, simply enter a Scottish registered office address during the company registration process and your company will automatically be registered in Scotland. We provide a Scottish-based registered office address service if required.

Alternatively, to form your company via post, you will need to fill in a IN01 form, including a Scottish address, and send it to Companies House in Edinburgh. However, registering a company online is much quicker than posting an application form and often cheaper.

What is the process for registering a company in Wales?

Establishing a company in Wales is the same as establishing a company in England.

What is the process for registering a company in Northern Ireland?

Like Scotland, a company formed in Northern Ireland must have a registered office address in that location. You can choose to register online or by post – if choosing the latter, you will need to post your application to Companies House in Belfast.

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