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How To Keep Your Customers Happy

Feb 21, 2018

As a new business owner, gaining and retaining your first set of customers can be a challenge – to help, here’s a guide to keeping your customers happy

Attracting your first customers is an exciting time as a new business owner and you’ll likely want to turn these into repeat customers. The best way to do that is to keep them happy. Here are a few ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

Invest in your website

Before making a purchase, particularly if it’s one that requires a larger financial investment, many consumers like to do research before they come to their final decision. The internet is the first place many people go to for this purpose.

If you invest in a website that’s easy to find, easy to use and full of useful, detailed information, your prospects are more likely to turn into customers. Ensure it’s as simple as possible for your customers to make a purchase and they’ll think of you next time they’re looking for the products you sell.

Make it easy for customers to give you feedback

If you’re going to be continually improving your company and ensuring your offerings are in line with customer needs, you’ll need to listen to feedback. Here at @UKPLC Company Registrations, we use TrustPilot so our customers can easily review our services. This makes it easy for us to see what does and doesn’t work for our business so we can always make sure we’re meeting your needs. Ensuring customers can easily contact you also makes your business look open and trustworthy.

Give your customers the best you can afford

Do your best to ensure you’re not cutting corners when it comes to customer service. It might be tempting to use resources and suppliers just because they’re the cheapest, but if these aren’t the best quality, your customers will notice. You need to find a balance between ensuring your new company is profitable, but not at the risk of losing customers because they’re unhappy with the quality of service they receive.

If you allow customers to order products online and have them delivered, it’s also worth negotiating a deal with a courier company so that you can offer your customers things like free delivery if they spend over a certain amount.

Maintain a professional image

Investing in your professional image will inspire trust in potential customers. Here at @UKPLC Company Registrations, we offer business accessories, such as company stamps and seals that will help you maintain this.

In addition to this, ensure the copy on your website is accurate and free from spelling and punctuation errors, and make sure your social media is appropriate in tone and content. A website littered with errors and poorly thought out social media can send potential customers to your competitors instead.

One of the most powerful marketing tools for new companies is word of mouth – happy customers share their experiences with others, generating more business for you!


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