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How to Register a Company

Apr 15, 2015

Registering a Company is a simple as 1, 2, 3

If you are ready to register a Company Name, you have probably made the biggest decision in setting up your own business.

It is now important to get through the registrations process smoothly and without making any potentially costly mistakes along the way. This is why we recommend you follow these few steps before registering a Company Name.


Decide on a Business Stucture

You will first have to decide on a Business Structure. It is very likely to be a Limited Company, a Partnership or you may decide to set up as a Sole Trader. This tends to be the easy decision of the process as most companies will form as Limited Companies (ltd).


Choose a Name

You will then have to choose a name that not only suits your business, but hasn't already been taken. It is important to carry out all necessary checks before registering or using a name. Copying a business name, even inadvertently, could result in a costly mistake. Not only would you have to pay for new stationery, signs, etc, but you could also have to pay for damages and legal costs.


Watch out for Sensitive Words

The use of any Sensitive word in a Company Name will have to be approved by the Secretary of State and sometimes require approval of a specific body.


Check availability

It is important to ensure your chosen name isn't already being used by someone else. The first way to check this is by looking in local directories or doing some searches on the Internet. This should help cover non-registered names used by Sole Trader.

You should then ensure your chosen Company Name hasn't already been registered with Companies House. This can be done by using a Company Formation Agent or simply by entering your chosen name in the box below.

This tool is the most efficient way to check if a name has already been registered with Comapnies House. You will know instantly if your Company Name is available for registration. It will also confirm that no sensitive words have been mistakenly added to the name. This is the safest, quickest and easiest way of incorporating a company.

The results will aslo confirm if the matching Domain Names are available.


Check Domain Names Availability

It is equally immportant to ensure that a matching Domain Name is available.

Although you may not want to or be ready to trade online at the moment, it is important to reserve your chosen domain name. This will secure the possibility of having an online portal when you decide to. It may only be a single web page with your contact details, or you may decide not to have a page at all.

Whatever your choice is, it is important to reserve your Domain Name to protect it and ensure no-one else can buy it or use it.

The cost of an available Domain Name is only a few pounds and definitely worth the expense. Buying a Domain Name someone has already purchased could cost you hundreds and this is providing they are willing to sell it.

It is recommended not to buy a Domain Name until the Company Name has been secured and the Certificate of Incorporation has been received.


Register the Company Name

The registration itself is fairly straight-forward. Using a Company Formation agent, the process should last no more than 10 minutes and the registration itself should be official on the same day. The online Certificate of Incorporation is usually received within 3 hours.



Karen Horne


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