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I am registering a company: Should I register a Domain Name?

Jul 16, 2015

When registering a Company Name, it is equally important to ensure that a matching Domain Name is available.

Although you may not want to, or be ready to trade online at the moment, it is important to reserve your chosen domain name. This will secure the possibility of having an online portal when you decide to. It may only be a single web page with your contact details, or you may decide not to have a page at all.

Whatever your choice is, it is important to reserve your Domain Name to protect it and ensure no-one else can buy it or use it. The cost of an available Domain Name is only a few Pounds and definitely worth the expense. Buying a Domain Name someone else has already purchased could cost you hundreds – providing they are willing to sell it!

It is however recommended not to buy a domain name until the Company Name has been secured and the certificate of Incorporation has been received.


Karen Horne


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