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Jan 10, 2018
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My Company Is Registered: How Do I Protect My Brand?
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Dec 06, 2017
When you register a company, you’re preventing your company name from being registered by anyone else.
How To Protect Your Home Address
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Nov 29, 2017
When forming a company, the company’s registered office address and the address of the company directors will appear on the public record.
How To Incorporate A Scottish Company
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Nov 22, 2017
To form a Scottish company, your company will need to have a registered office address in Scotland. A company registered in Scotland cannot have an English or Welsh address, nor can it change its registered office address to an English or Welsh one later down the line.
Will It Ever Be Compulsory To Change My Company Name?
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Nov 15, 2017
Occasionally, you may be required to change your company name by law, even after it is already incorporated. This may happen if your chosen name is “too like” another in existence, or rules have been violated.
New Limited Company: What Do I Need To Tell HMRC And When?
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Nov 08, 2017
When registering a new company, Companies House will automatically notify HMRC of your company’s existence. You will then be issued with a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) which you will need whenever you contact HMRC about your company.
A Guide To Dormant Companies
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Nov 01, 2017
Not all companies registered with Companies House are actively trading. Many form companies with no intention of trading right away, while others take a break from trading. Such companies are known as dormant companies.
How Many People Do I Need To Start A Company?
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Oct 25, 2017
When forming a private limited company, you just need one person who can act as both director and shareholder. A company secretary is no longer a requirement. Whilst a minimum of one person is needed to form a company, there are no upper limits on the directors and shareholders.
Can Companies House Reject My Company Name?
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Oct 18, 2017
Unfortunately, Companies House does not accept every application to form a company it receives. There are multiple reasons why your application may be rejected and these can often be avoided. Choosing the right company name can help ensure your application is accepted with no hitches.
Why And How To Change A Company Name
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Oct 11, 2017
When running a business, you may encounter a situation where you need to change your company name – we explain why this might happen and how to do it.
Producing Your Own Share Certificates
@UKPLC Company Registrations
Oct 04, 2017
In a small private limited company the company secretary or the directors usually act as the registrar of the company. This involves the company in keeping and maintaining the statutory books of the company and issuing its own share certificates and dividend vouchers and producing a current list of shareholders when required.