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Marketing your small business

Sep 12, 2013

When trying to market your business, you will have to first understand your customers' needs, respond to those needs and show your customers you have the product or service they are after.

It is essential to first Identify your target market, by understanding:

  • what you are selling,
  • who you want to sell to,
  • why they should buy from you.

It will then be easier to focus your marketing effort in a productive way.


Offline Marketing

Small businesses often have limited budgets. Focusing your sales activity with your marketing tactics can help you save a lot whilst increasing returns.

  • Interact with potential clients. Feedback from clients or any prospect from your target market is the most valuable of all. They will be able to give you a deep insight on what your customers really want.
  • Retain and value existing customers. Give your customers referrals and buying incentives.
  • Contact the press. Local media is always after new articles. They would love to have your opinion on a good subject if you establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Team up. Attract new customers by teaming up with another local business. You could for example give a discount to customers who have been recommended by a related business and vice versa.


Online Marketing

  • Online presence. It seems obvious, but you will have to ensure people can find you on the internet. Ensure your website is listed in all major search engines Ensure your company is listed on all major online directories such as Google local, Yell or yahoo! Local. If your business is already listed, 'claim' it and complete the entry by adding address, phone number, website, map, opening hours...
  • Become an expert. Become a source of knowledge in your field by blogging, tweeting, posting videos on Youtube and sharing valuable content on specialised sites. This will give you credibility and could build you a huge followers base. These followers could easily convert into customers.
  • Use recommendations. There is a huge potential in using recommendations from experts in your field. It goes much further than many other forms of marketing with potential customers.


Karen Horne


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