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National apprenticeship week

Mar 15, 2013

As National Apprenticeship week is drawing to a close, we at @UK PLC would like to say a special thank you to all our past and present apprentices, we greatly appreciate the work you do for us and we hope that we’ve provided valuable experiences for you too. We take on apprentices to work in software development and IT support and our apprentices have ranged from local to international apprentices from Germany.

Taking on Apprentices is something we strongly support because we believe in developing the skills and knowledge of young people to help them grow professionally. Taking on young workers also gives fresh perspectives and new ideas that can help business growth, so we believe that apprentices are great for companies that operate in a skill specific industry.

Due to the riots experienced in August 2011, there has been growing pressure on the Government to tackle youth unemployment. One of the methods introduced was the promotion of apprenticeship through schemes such as National Apprenticeship Week.  Incentives such as tax breaks are offered to businesses to take on young workers.

In addition, this week, Nick Clegg has announced that businesses themselves should be able to design their own apprenticeship schemes and qualifications to be awarded to boost business growth. This decision goes in favour of SMEs because they’ll be able to train apprentices to the needs and demands that are specific to the business and the industry they operate in, therefore they provide more concise and relevant training, knowledge and experience for apprentices to have all the right skills to help the business sustain and grow.

As a concluding remark and celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we would like to wish all apprentices across the nation good luck and all the best in your futures. We hope to see many apprenticeship schemes 


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