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Online toolkit to help start-ups with hiring staff

Oct 28, 2014

Online toolkit to help start-ups with hiring staff

As a start up business taking on new employees for the first time you may see hiring as a daunting task. What do you have to do? What are the laws and regulations? What about the backgrounds of potential employees? This is why the Business of Innovation and Skills Department have launched an online toolkit “Taking On An Employee” to help first time employers with hiring staff.

The kit aims to be a very informative resource for small businesses that are unfamiliar with the process of hiring. It provides a checklist to guide new employers through the processes and sets out the relevant legal requirements such as setting pay, insurance, tax requirements and checking new employee’s right to work in the UK. It also offers downloadable resources and documents that businesses will need.

The online tool which was first launched last year responds to the Red Tape Challenge spotlight on employment law carried out in October 2011. The challenge highlighted that many businesses had a lack of information about hiring and needed more support. To address this issue the government launched the online tool kit as part of its plans to deliver growth by breaking down barriers, boosting opportunities and creating the right conditions for businesses to start up and thrive.

In addition, The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has also launched six new guides to help small firms make sure they comply with the law when hiring, managing people and dealing with complaints at work. The free guides include a legal checklist, useful tools and templates that can be downloaded from the Acas website at

"We know that around 300,000 businesses look to take on staff each year. For some businesses there is a perception that hiring for the first time is a daunting process. This is especially the case if you are the owner of a small business and do not have your own HR staff.” Said Jo Swinson, Employment Relations Minister.

"Our toolkit is a valuable one-stop-shop that provides businesses with free access to everything they need to know about taking someone on. Making sure businesses feel confident about growing will help to build a stronger economy and create more jobs."  Said Swinson.

This is one positive step towards the government's economic policy objective to achieve 'strong, sustainable and balanced growth that is more evenly shared across the country and between industries.'


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