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The 12 facts of eCommerce 2016

Dec 13, 2016

As another year draws to a close, we at @UKplc Company Registrations are once again reflecting on some of the interesting eCommerce facts and trends we’ve encountered both here in the UK and abroad.

Fact One: In 2016, total eCommerce retail sales (not including travel, restaurant and event ticket sales) across the globe will reach $1.915 trillion (£1.51 trillion), accounting for 8.7% of total retail spending worldwide (Source: eMarketer)

But how does this compare with online shopping on Black Friday alone?

Fact Two: $3.34 billion (£2.63 billion) was spent online on Black Friday 2016, the first time online Black Friday sales have surpassed the $3 billion (£2.36 billion) mark (Source: Adobe Digital Insights)

Are people using their mobiles to get their hands on Black Friday deals?

Fact Three: Mobile sales also set a Black Friday record. Mobile shopping revenue hit $1.2 billion this year, the first day in retail history that sales from mobile passed $1 billion (Source: Adobe Digital Insights)

And what about Cyber Monday, the dedicated online sales shopping day?

Fact Four: On Cyber Monday 2016, online sales just surpassed those on Black Friday, reaching $3.39 billion (£2.67 billion). (Source: Adobe)

Where in the world does eCommerce have the most potential?

Fact Five: The top 10 retail eCommerce countries based on current size and future potential are, in order: USA, China, UK, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Russia, Belgium and Australia (Source: AT Kearney)

Fact Six: There is a huge opportunity for eCommerce growth in India – in 2014, there were 243 million internet users (19% of the population) but this is forecast to grow to 730 million users by 2020 (Sources: PwC & Nasscom and Akamai)

What devices do people like to use to shop online?

Fact Seven: The percentage of customers using multiple devices to complete eCommerce transactions in 2016 will surpass 50% (Source: Criteo)

Fact Eight: Smartphones have overtaken laptops as UK internet users’ number one device, emphasising the need to have an eCommerce website that is mobile friendly to maximise sales opportunities (Source: Ofcom)

If you want to read more reasons why your website should be responsive, read a blog post from @UK's parent company cloudBuy here, then check out cloudBuy’s website packages where responsive design comes as standard.

Fact Nine: The Total Retail Survey 2016 found that 34% of shoppers will use their mobile phone as their main purchase tool (Source: PwC)

Do Brits prefer to shop at home, or abroad?

Fact Ten: British consumers aren’t afraid to look overseas for the goods they wish to purchase. In 2015, 58% of British online consumers bought a product from abroad. Popular overseas destinations for online shopping include the US, China and Germany. (Source: PAC)

However, recent political events may change this…

Fact Eleven: Brexit may impact the way the UK shops online – the falling value of the pound may mean British shoppers are less likely to buy from overseas retailers (Source: Internet Retailer)

Finally, what do people in the UK buy online the most?

Fact Twelve: Clothes and sports goods are the most popular categories from which people buy online from in the UK (Source: Statista)

@UKplc Company Registrations and cloudBuy wish you a happy holiday season. Be sure to contact us for eCommerce advice to help make 2016 even more successful for your organisation. 


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