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Top 5 Things To Do For Your Business In 2018

Jan 24, 2018

You may have set some New Year’s Resolutions in your personal life, but have you considered setting any for your business?

Now that you’ve made the decision to start your own business, it’s time to dedicate time and effort to making that business a success. Here are the top five things you can do this year to make that happen.

1) Set some business goals

Take time to sit down and think about what you really want to gain from your new business. Without a clear idea of what it is you hope to achieve, it can be hard to set yourself achievable and measurable goals. Once you’ve decided what you want to gain from your business in the next 12 months, write some goals that will help you get there. Good goals should be ambitious, yet achievable and you should have a way of measuring their completeness. A deadline is also a good idea to keep you motivated.  

2) Attend some conferences to learn and network

Events are a great way to learn new things that will help you grow your business and meet likeminded people. There may be a specific part of business you want to learn more about, such as digital marketing, or you may be particularly interested in networking so you can meet both potential customers and people who can help you grow your business. Whatever your needs, there will be an event you can attend.

We’ve collected a list of the best business events in the UK for you.

3) Evaluate what works well and what doesn’t

Whether you’ve been in business for one year or ten years, there is immense value in reflecting on the past. By evaluating your mistakes and successes, you can take this knowledge forward into the next 12 months and amplify what works and avoid making the same mistakes again. It’s a good idea to have systems in place which allow you to measure the return on investment of any new strategies you decide to try so you can truly see where it’s worth investing your time and energy.

4) Upgrade your website

Whether you trade online or not, a business website is now an essential. If you’re hoping to grow your business this year, it makes sense to have a website that is capable of growing with you. Whether you just want to upgrade, or need a brand new website, @UKPLC Company Registrations parent company cloudBuy has an ecommerce website package for you.

5) Refresh your social media accounts

Social media only continues to grow in popularity. The New Year is a great time to either create social media accounts for your business, or give the ones you already own a refresh. Update your profile pictures, cover photos and biographies. Implement new tools such as Facebook’s recently added autoresponder option. Schedule posts using a social media scheduling tool to keep your social media use consistent.

Here are a few more tips for using social media as a business.

We hope these suggestions have given you a good starting point to take your new business to the next level in 2018.

If you’ve yet to take the plunge and start your business, we offer a great range of company formation packages for variety of needs and budgets. 


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