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Top 5 tips for email marketing

Jan 13, 2015

Email marketing is still the most cost effective way to reach your customers. With an average opening rate of 20% and a click rate of 3.5%, it is definitely worth spending time drafting an excellent email. Here are the top 5 areas you should really focus on when writing your next email.


1.       A clickable subject line

This is the only chance you have to make someone want to open your email. The best subject lines tend to be short, descriptive and go straight to the point. You will however set the expectation at that point, so make sure you deliver in the content of the email.

·         Keep the message straight forward.

·         Avoid words such as “free” which won’t get your email through the spam filter.

·         Keep the subject line below 50 characters.

·         Avoid the use of special characters, all capitals

·         Questions are likely to perform better


2.       Write good content

Adapt to your readers

You know your audience best and you should always adapt the language you use to suit your target audience. Designers will for example be looking for something much more graphic than let’s say classical literature readers.

Align with the subject line

If your subject line has triggered your recipient to click your email, don’t disappoint! Ensure the content on offer is in line with the expectation. Emails that focus  on 1 goal only tend to work better.

Make it scannable

Anyone should be able to get the gist of your message at a glance. If they can’t, they are likely to close it almost as soon as they open it.

Send people content they want

If you can customise your emails to each segment of your audience, it can help them receive content they are actually interested in reading.

Proof read

No one would ever rate a company highly if the copy is full of mistakes. So make sure you proof-read it and get it proof-read by others.


If your content is great, your audience will want to share it with their friends, so make sure they are able to do that very easily. Introduce buttons to forward to a friend and share on social media.


3.       Make Alt text in line with the rest of the copy

You always have to keep in mind that your email will often first display without images. So if you plan on adding images to your email (which most of us do), make sure the Alt text is in line with the message you are putting forward with the image.


4.      Ensure your email is mobile friendly & shareable

Most of us check our emails on smart phones, so make sure your email renders perfectly well on mobile versions. And if you want to be one step ahead, adapt your email to the mobile market.  Some actions, such a “call” are only available on mobile versions and should be used to their full potential. 


5.       Don't forget the Call to action

You should always add a call to action above the fold. It doesn’t mean you can’t have one below the fold as well. Again, the call to action is likely to be different on mobile version to what it is on the desktop one. Use words such as “call now” “sign up today”





Karen Horne


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