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Top Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Nov 12, 2014

Marketing has evolved considerably over the last few years with an even greater part of the budget being spent online.


Email Marketing

This is probably the most cost effective way to advertise yourself to hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers with almost no outlay

It is always best to use your own list of email addresses. The most common methods used to putting a database together are:

- Contact existing clients asking for up to date email addresses

- Capture addresses through your website


Key rules to email Marketing

Make it as easy as possible for users to sign up

Always ask for permission to contact them from time to time

Send only interesting , useful information at regular intervals. If you send emails too often, recipients are more likely to unsubscribe.

It is a legal requirement to give the recipient the opportunity to opt-out on every email sent.



The best networking is when done with influencal people in your area of business. A few “well linked” people are worth a lot more than hundreds of “not-connected” people.


A good website

This is your front door to the world. Not only people will check it before doing business with you, it can also attract new business, by ranking well on search engines for example.

You will therefore have to ensure it is clear, easily navigable and looks as professional as possible.


Know your market

It is crucial to know your market, who your customers are, what they are looking for, what price they are prepared to pay, etc.


Know your competitors

You should know your competitors very well; who they are, what they are selling, at what price, what their Unique Selling Points are, how much of a share of the market they have.

It is also important to know what differentiates you from them, how your business stands out. If you can’t beat your competitors prices, you should implement a strategy that could differentiate you from them, by add value to your products for example.


Karen Horne


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