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Working from Home

May 21, 2013


There are many areas to explore if you envisage working from home. You will first have to find the type of work you would be interested in doing, weigh the pros and cons, and finally decide whether working from home suits your skills and your personality.


Ideas to explore

There is a wide variety of jobs suitable for working from home. However, these usually tend to fit within one of the 3 following categories:

Freelance work – There is a lot of freelancing work available if you know where to look. You may have your own contacts, which is probably the best way to start. However, many of us would be happy to find new customers to sell our services to. There are several ways to start:

                - Advertising – in papers, specialised magazines, online (Pay Per Clicks), etc

                - Reply to Freelance projects – There is a multitude of projects available online on specialised sites such as You can reply to projects by submitting a quote. This can however be very competitive.

For more information on freelancing, visit a specialised site such as



Many franchises are available in all industries, but only a limited number will be available for working from home. The main advantage of a franchise is to start a business based on a successful model, along with training and continuous support from the head office.

Which franchise to choose will not only depend on your finances (i.e. how much you are ready to invest in the new business), it will have to reflect something you are good at and enjoy doing. You will be tied up for a few years, it is therefore best to make the right choice straight from the start.

There are many dedicated online sites to help guide you through your choice. Most have dedicated sections for work from home franchises (such as or


Start your own business

Check our Business Idea page for a lot of inspiration and ideas on where and how to start.



Karen Horne


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