Confirmation Statement with Dormant Accounts


On 30th June 2016 Companies House switched from Annual Return to the new Confirmation Statement.

All annual returns with a made up date of 30th June or later must file the new confirmation statement instead of the annual return.

What is Included

Filing of the Confirmation Statement, including the filing fee. A confirmation statement is simply confirmation of what Companies House already knows. If the position has changed, then you must file the appropriate forms to bring that information up to date before filing the confirmation statement. If there are any problems we will work with you to get the form accepted

Complete filing of your dormant company’s accounts

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Confirmation Statement

The confirmation statement confirms that the following information held at Companies House is correct:

  • director(s)
  • secretary
  • LLP members
  • registered office
  • sail address
  • SIC codes
  • persons of significant control

And if the company has share capital, the confirmation statement must also contain:

  • the nominal value of total issued share capital
  • the total amount unpaid per currency
  • the names and addresses of shareholders and the number and type of shares they hold or transfer from other shareholders

Any change to the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code(s) and shareholdings can be made using the confirmation statement.

Dormant Accounts

If you register a dormant company you are required to file your accounts annually. The accounts which are to be filed will show limited financial data except for assets and shares held. If you upgrade a dormant company to an active and trading company you will be required to file normal annual accounts.

Additional Information

Please note that if you have purchased our company secretary or name reservation services the filing of the Annual Return is included.

Please note that if you have purchased our name reservation service the filing of your accounts is included.

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