cloudBuy announces new Registration Package as UK pulls out of Recession

Jul 29, 2014
cloudBuy, the world’s leading transactional cloud platform, has announced the 99p @UK Company Registration package, offered jointly by cloudBuy (formerly @UK PLC) and Barclays Bank, will no longer be available from 1 August. The package was designed to make it quick, easy and cheap to create companies during the recession with a full service including £50 cash back. The 2012 Start-up programme has now been running for 2 years and during that time tens of thousands of businesses have benefited. Start-up businesses provide a significant boost to the economy, and over 285,000 start-ups have been created under the @UK PLC brand The price will increase from 99p to £12.99 which, although a significant increase, remains good value for money and is cheaper than incorporating directly with Companies House. @UK Company Registration is only giving a few days’ notice since it does not wish to see a rush of companies trying to beat the deadline. The package was intended only for genuine trading companies that successfully created a bank account with Barclays and those companies that did not create a bank account were required to pay a £14 surcharge. There were a few genuine companies that were unable to get a bank account, therefore the new £ 12.99 price has no surcharge should a company not get a bank account or not want to start trading straight immediately. CloudBuy Chairman Ronald Duncan said "@UK PLC is pleased to have done its bit to help get us out of the recession. When I started off as a sole trader back in 1991 I could not afford to pay the hundreds of pounds required to set up a limited company, and remember waking up in the middle of night realising that if the business failed I was personally liable. I am delighted that we have supported people through the recession in making sure that they have limited liability for their business." "Setting up in business is a big step and we try and automate as much as possible, creating company, domain names, website, email, vat registration, bank account, insurance, accounting, and ecommerce sites so that entrepreneurs can focus on their business. Setting up in business is a big step and we are delighted to have created a few more millionaires."
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