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Starting a new company is an exciting time and something we can relate to as we formed our first company in 1991. The next 14 years were a rollercoaster. Our business grew from just the two of us in a barn, through to an AIM listed company.

@UK plc emerged from all that we learnt along the way, enabling us to now be in a position of offering a range of services and advice to all new businesses; from company formation through to developing a trading website so that you are able to make the fast track into profit!

One of the major issues facing new companies is the range of activities the founders have to undertake. If, like us, you left a large organisation to start out on your own, you are used to having HR, Marketing and Finance departments do all of the specialised work. Our ‘Start Up’ guide gives you a realistic idea of the process and helps you through the tasks you need to complete. Once you have set up your company you need to think about how you market and sell your products and services. Your website is one of the most important assets to consider. Through @UK plc you can purchase your perfect domain name and create your website.

The very best of luck with your business, hopefully @UK plc will have been part of the first steps in your success.

Lyn and Ronald Duncan 
(Founders and Directors, @UK plc)

Forming your Company

You have made the decision to branch out on your own; the first question is what type of business would be best?

The options are sole trader, a partnership or a limited company. The particular advantages of a limited company mean it is the preferred choice for most as it brings a range of benefits not available to sole traders and partnerships.

  • One of the premier benefits is that of limited liability whereby your personal assets are protected in the unfortunate event that things go wrong with your company.
  • Limited status provides credibility and confidence to suppliers and customers as your company details are available for all to see on the Companies House database.
  • Once incorporated your company name will be protected as it is listed in the register of companies maintained by Companies House thus preventing anyone else from trading under your name as a Limited Company.

Business Plan

These 10 steps to designing your business plan could be the perfect place to start your planning

  1. Brief statement of your objectives
  2. Your assessment of the market you wish to enter
  3. The skill, experience, and finance you will bring to it
  4. The particular benefits of the product or service to your customers
  5. How you will set up the business
  6. The longer term view
  7. Your financial targets
  8. The money you are asking for and how it will be used
  9. Appendices to back up previous statements including the cash flow and other financial projections
  10. History of the business (where applicable)

Determine Company Type

We have structured our companies in 3 groups to facilitate your choice.

Standard UK Company

  • Limited Company
    Protect your personal assets, add credibility to your business and protect your company name.
  • Public Limited Company
    Ability to offer shares to the public and provides extra financial status.
  • Name Reservation Service
    Prevent anyone using your company name when thinking of setting up a business in the near future.

Specialist UK Company

  • Limited Liability Company
    Mainly used by professionals such as Architects, Lawyers or Dentists or by a group of individuals entering into a joint venture, more flexible than a Limited Company.
  • Not for Profit Company
    Private Company Limited by guarantee, for Charity Registrations, Residents Associations, Sports, Clubs and Societies.
  • Ready Made Company
    Companies which have been in existence for some time and you take immediate control of the company.
  • Property Management Company
    For Companies acting as a liaison between landlord and tenant or for owning and managing properties. Company can be Limited by Shares or by guarantee.

Setting up Process

We offer a quick & easy to follow 5 steps process.

  • Choose your Company Name
  • Choose the package to suit your needs
  • Select Additional Products
  • Make Payment
  • Specify Company Officers (Director & Secretary or Members), Registered Office, and if required, Share Capital and Subscribers.
  • Your electronic documentation is usually received from Companies House and emailed to you inside 8 working hours.

From forming your business to providing services to get you up and running, @UK plc is there to help you every step of the way.

@UK Tip

At the same time as checking your company name availability check to see if the relevant domain name is available as well. Even if you do not wish to create your own website immediately it’s something you may want to do in the future and there’s no guarantee that the name will still be available.

Choose Documentation & Services

It is important to understand which documents & services are applicable to your type of Company & which ones would be useful.

We believe the following ones are ‘the essentials’ for a Limited company & this is why we include them in our Premier package.

However, there is a range of products to suit everyone's needs. Check our Business Packages Comparison page to know what is relevant for you business.

We have put together a guide to help all new business owners on how to setup their company!

The guide is also available in PDF format so you can read it offline at your leisure.

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