Hosting FAQs

Using FTP to upload your site

File Transfer Protocol otherwise known as FTP, has been in use for transmitting files on the Internet since 1985 when RFC (Request for Comment) 959 was originally published. The RFC defines the protocol and the protocol is what we use today.

The principle behind FTP is to provide the client with a file and directory structure that looks similar to a directory on their own computer.

In order to access your web space you will need to use a FTP client. This is an FTP client built in to a lot of modern software, such as Dreamweaver. However if you require an FTP client we can recommend FlashFXP. FlashFXP has a 30 day trial period, but at the end of the period you can decide if you wish to continue using it. If you happen to be using a GNU/Linux system, you may like to consider GFTP.

The following instructions are written for use with FlashFXP, although they will not vary greatly from any other FTP Client that you may choose.

If you find that you do encounter problems translating them to an alternative Client, please contact us and we shall endeavor to assist you directly.


The FlashFXP program can be downloaded from many different mirrors on the Internet, but we recommend using the primary site to ensure the file has not been tampered with.

After running the setup program there will be a link on the start menu which should look something like this when highlighted:


When FlashFXP runs for the first time it will display an evaluation message and the number of days you have left which you can use FlashFXP, you must click the 'I Accept' button in order to proceed on the evaluation.


This is the main screen of FlashFXP. On left hand side you have the local copy and on the right hand side you have the remote copy.

Logging in

In order to login we require that you enter your user name and password. This is emailed to you when you confirm that you wish to use our web hosting.

To connect to our server you need to click on the 'Connect' button on the right hand side. This should be the first button on the right.


You will now be prompted with a 'Quick Connect' dialog box. This box requires three things

- A valid server address
This must be set to

- A valid user name
The login name is usually your domain name.

- A valid password
The password is usually a random string of characters, emailed to you when the account is created for you.

There is one more setting which needs to be changed; 'use passive mode' needs to be ticked.


Once these have been entered, you can click the 'Connect' button to proceed. This should then connect you to our FTP server.

After selecting 'Connect' you should now be able to browse the FTP server.

File transfers

From the main window you can now select files on the left using the mouse and right click them to select 'Transfer'. This will then send the files to the server.

To download files from the server you can select them from the right list, right click them and select 'Transfer' in the same manor.

Be very careful when transferring files from server and local as it is very easy to overwrite new files with older versions. We suggest you make a backup before you send your files.